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Be Psychic - Unsolicited Testimonials

Wondering if "Be Psychic!" really works? Here are a few of the unsolicited testimonials we updated during . All of the individuals can be contacted through our support site. You can also contact directly if an individual's full e-mail address has been published. Please be polite!

“What a phenomenal course! It's exciting to see my psychic abilities grow and develop. Please thank Bradley Thompson for me and congratulate him on a job well done!”
Sonca Wiltshire
sonwilt AT
“Yes, I did receive the course. I have already started reading book one. When I have more time I will read more than one section a day. Although I am already a working psychic and medium I have still noticed a drastic improvement in my abilities. The messages that come through are so much clearer, and I now have been seeing spirits with my physical eyes instead of just my third eye. I can't wait to start the audio portion of the course. Thank you so much. Even though I have not read through everything, I can already tell that this course is everything you had said it would be plus much, and I mean MUCH more! Thanks again!!!”
Jonathan Bartow
hurbie_2006 AT
“Andrea - I've been reading the Be Psychic course and I'm glad I ordered. I'm just writing to say how glad I am for your product. The rewards are limitless. THANKS! Tell your manager that its okay to use my praise of the Be Psychic course in any way he see fit. I've always had the ability to see around the bend before I reached the curve. At a young age, it was helpful on the playground knowing how to get away. Now, it's become clearer and the course has brought consistency. I can harness my powers and know with relative certainty what the answer is. I highly recommend this course for those people who always seem to be on the edge of understanding and truly wanting to know.”
John Lyden
jlyden001 AT
“This isn't a question, it's a comment. Please pass it onto Mr Bradley Thompson. You see, I ordered this course as a sceptic. I never thought it'd work - I either didn't believe in it, or was scared. Now I'm mastering it, I realize just how natural it is. There's nothing weird about it. Everybody ELSE is weird for having forgotten how to master this power! By the way, I predicted the first two songs on the radio this morning correctly. How clever am I?”
Nancy Schofield
Pool, Redruth, UK

“I wanted to say you my thanks for producing this course. I've just bought a second copy for my cousin in Manchester. She's going to love it. THANK YOU!”

Richard Stratton
(company name removed on request)
Docklands, London

“Please publish this on your testimonials page. I want to tell everyone that I've read all three of the books that come with the course and have applied what they suggest very lightly over the past eight weeks. Let me tell you, it's like having another sense altogether. Imagine not being able to smell - and suddenly being able to breathe in all of the lovely smells of food and flowers. That's what it's like opening up to these natural powers. I would have never done this on my own. This is the only course I've ever read that shows you everything, easily. Never before. AMAZING.”

David Allen
Junior Architect
Hagley, Stourbridge, UK

“I've tried Astral Travel a dozen times in the past and never gotten anywhere. I realize now that I was missing (secret). As soon as I switched it on, WHOOSH - the most amazing fifteen minutes of my life. And it seemed like a YEAR. I am absolutely gob-smacked. I know what the attraction is now. THANK YOU for opening my eyes to this, Bradley!!”

John Ridge
Management Consultant
Robina, Australia

“Book me onto your next course, Bradley. I've read (various book names) before your course and they're absolutely full of the 'fluff' you talk about. No content at all. Strangely, I never even realized until I read this. Got to see the real thing before you can appreciate how poor the fakes are!”

Keith Irons
(Cousin of a former student!)
Morningside, Edinburgh, Scotland

“Not a question, just a note to say I'm really pleased with my purchase and your customer service. I'm very glad I stumbled on your course before any other. I've been helping heal my cat of her arthritis and I've really seen a difference. Excellent value for money, really enjoying it all so far!”

Asad Dasari
Thornlands, Brisbane, Australia
“Andrea, you have my permission to use these words as a simple testimonial. This course is FANTASTIC”
lyda97 AT
“Since starting on the course, I've enjoyed a total transformation. My whole life has changed. I've suddenly started dating the most attractive women ever - and I've won three competitions in the past month, including a three-day break in New York City. I love the section on P-mail, using that one a lot! EXCELLENT!”
Kim Anderson
"Acting Solutions"
Glenview Dr, San Jose, CA

“I'm always dubious of anything that doesn't happen to me, but WOW - Bradley, your P-mail tricks are excellent. I never thought it would be so easy to enter into that psychic mind-state. Now I understand why people make a big deal about (secret). Thank you for sharing your wisdom!!”

Wath-upon-Dearne, South Yorks, UK

“I was expecting a flimsy e-book. You sent three books, software, three audio CDs!! I've finished book one now and I have already started using (secret) to help read minds. I never thought that my physical position would make such a huge difference, which is why it never worked before. And I want you to know I just won a large SEVEN-FIGURE contract - because I used (secret) to bump into the executive behind the job!”

Shelagh Dybel
(address removed on request)
Hiawatha, IA
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